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Wangerland Scooter Rally

The Summer Meltdown
19.-22. August 2022

Wangerland - the Summer Wunderland

'Couldn't you do a rally like the Meltdown in Summer?' has been a popular request for years now. The good news: Yes, from 2022 we can!

Originally planned for 2020 – but postponed due to the pandemic – our new Wangerland Rally is finally happening in 2022!

Situated on the German North Sea coast - not far from the Dutch border - the Wangerland offers hotels, pubs, bars, a restaurant, leisure facilities and even its own swimming lake with a sandy beach and beach bar.

Enjoy the beauty and hospitality of this ancient costal region, and discover the land of the original Saxons.

The concept is the same as for the Meltdown; pay once, enjoy everything for free.

Best hurry; limited tickets, pre-sale only, no admission at the gate, no day-visitors. 

Hope to see you there.


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