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Limited tickets only!

  • Pre-sale only

  • NO admission at the gate

  • NO day-visitors


Covid regulations:

Either you are vaccinated OR you are recovered (please produce proof your vaccination or recovery at the entrance) OR a negative Rapid Antigen Test or PCR Test (not older than 24 hours – there is a testing station near the site).

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​All drinks FREE! (soft/alcoholic – incl. spirits & long drinks)


All food FREE! (breakfast, lunch, dinner, cakes & snacks) 

Hotel rooms & apartments (1-6 beds)

All day beach parties at beach bar

Dos on 3 nights (Fri.-Sun.)

Two floors (Main & Indie)

Swimming lake on site

Ride out

Custom show

Fun games

Use of all leisure facilities

Friday to Sunday per person, all-in          299 Euros

Friday to Monday per person, all-in         399 Euros