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The Venue

Dorf Wangerland
Jeversche Str. 100
26434 Wangerland

Phone: +49 4463 809 79 100 (English spoken)


(Situated on the German North Sea coast, not far from the Dutch border)

How to get there

Riding / Driving: The nearest ferry ports are: Rotterdam - Wangerland: 230 miles

Amsterdam - Wangerland: 200 miles

Flying from London-Stansted:
From London-Stansted you can fly on a budget with Ryan Air to Bremen (BRE)


From the airport to Wangerland: 
There are hire cars available, please check: The drive takes about 90 minutes (72 miles). 

Shuttle service: There is a shuttle service available for 20 € / one way from Bremen Main Station to Harlesiel (5 miles from venue). Best use a taxi to the Main Station / Wangerland venue. t o the


Further infomation / bookings:

Flying from other Airports:
If you’d like to fly, but cannot use Ryan Air your best option would be to fly to Amsterdam Schiphol (210 miles from the venue), which is accessible from many UK and European airports. Best book a hire car from there.

the region

The Wangerland - homeland of the original Saxons and also a UNESCO nature reserve on the German North Sea coast. It is close to the Dutch border, the sea port of Wilhelmshaven and the small town of Jever - famous for its distinctively hoppy beer.

Enjoy the clean, vast beaches (5 m from venue). Or a stroll down the pictuersque fishing village of Hooksiel. Or the fresh catch of the day. Or an extensive walk on the seabed at tide. Check this video for some beach impressions.

You will be welcome by friendly locals, who share some commonalities with the Brits. They are a culture of fishermen and seafarers, who enjoy tea and the German version of fish'n'chips. Incindentally, it was their ancestors, who settled in Britain 1500 years ago.

So, if you are considering to stay on for a short holiday this would be a great place to relax and explore.

the Venue

The venue is (just like the Wunderland) an all-in holiday resort with hotels, pubs, bars, a restaurant, leisure facilities and even its own swimming lake with a sandy beach and beach bar.

During the pandemic the whole site was refurbished and new facilities were installed.

Included in the deal are bowling alleys, billiards, a fitness room, wicker beach chairs, swimming BBQ donuts, boats etc.clu

the Rooms

Single, double, twin (two seperate beds) rooms and apartments (up to 6 guests) are available.


The apartments consist of two separate rooms with 4-6 beds and a large bathroom.

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