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3 pm – 6 pm: meet-and-greet at the Beach bar, Beach party

8 pm – 3 am: Niter in two rooms (Indie & Traditional)


11 am – 6 pm: Beach party, incl.:

  • Beach bar

  • All drinks (incl. cocktails)

  • Custom Show

  • Trophy awards

  • Fun games

  • Pedal boats, stand-up paddles etc.

  • Swimming barbecue donuts and more!


From 10.30 am: Ride-out on Scenic route, guided by the VDT Scooterclub

8 pm – 3 am: Niter in two rooms (Indie & Traditional)


11 am – 6 pm: Chill out party at the beach, Beach bar

8 pm – 12 pm: Niter

  • Veteran rally DJs from the UK and Germany. Music genres:  Northern Soul, R'n'B, Ska, Madchester, Brit Pop, Punkrock, Darkside room

  • Large variety of on-site facilities like bowling alleys, pool tables, gym, own swimming lake, pedal boats, barbecue donuts and more,included in the price!


Friday kicks off from 3 pm on the beach with cocktails! Dress code: Anything goes including g-spot-string and mankini. DJs will spin chilled tunes while drinks and snacks are provided by the beach bar at the site's own swimming lake.

After an afternoon of meet-and-greet, supper awaits you in the restaurant. This will be followed by the do with two locations; traditional scooterists sounds in the Main Room (Fri & Sat from 8 pm to 3 am) and alternative electronic tunes in the Indie Room (Fri & Sat 9 pm to 3 am).

The focal point of Saturday's daytime events will be the beach again - life's hard! Apart from your own activities like chilling, swimming, paddling, barbequeing in giant swimming donuts, we have laid out a rally programme for you also: A ride out to the local attractions, custom show, trophies, fun games etc.

Drinks & food: You can get drinks and snacks at the beach bar. Breakfast, dinner, coffee & cake and supper will be available in the restaurant all weekend. All-in, of course.

Those, who booked the 3-nights package, can enjoy the sun-chill (a combination Sunday drinking and chilling out. Recommended cocktail: Hair-of-the-dog). The beach session will be super-chilled, so you can recharge for the Sunday do (8-12 pm).

On top of this there is a large variety of on-site facilities, which you can use for free: bowling alleys, pool tables, a gym, pedal boats, stand-up paddles and various other inflatables that keep you afloat etc. Again, all included in the deal!

This weekend (Fr & Sat) will be exclusive for scooterists. The musical entertainment will be by courtesey of veteran rally DJs from the UK and Europe - already signed up are DJ legends Dave Lloyd, Terry Walters, Sam Coussemaker, Carsten Kanna and others.

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